Thursday, February 08, 2007

Scourge Now Within Spitting Distance of Edge

While the race for the Predator Cup continues (the Highlanders gained a couple of points on the Bladerunners last night), the battle to avoid the Herbivore is also heating up. At the start of the week the Scourge had managed to close the gap between themselves and the 11th placed Edge to 9pts. Following last night's action that gap has closed to 4pts. The Scourge have been rejuvinated by the dynamic duo of Paval Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg to be sure but are also more confident in their goaltending, having picked up Edge waiver draft cast-off Ray Emery and Keith Tkachuk.

The Edge still have the horses to hold the Scourge off but it will be interesting to see if the battle to avoid last produces some of the same players now for futures trades that have started to occur at the top of the table. Lots of fun.

A quick update on the Challenge Cup games. Following Wednesday's games, of the three teams in a playoff position only the Severed Heads are losing their game (by 10pts to the Knights Templar, who are having a great week). Of the four teams trying to catch up, none are winning their games. For there to be any change in the playoff teams, one or more teams that are "in" will have to lose all of their remaining games and one or more teams that are "out" will have to win all of their remaining games.

***Milestone Update***

In my self-absorbed obsession with a certain trade that occured following the waiver draft, I failed to note a significant event that occured on Tuesday night. Great Whites Franchise Player Martin Brodeur became the first FunHL player to garner 100pts this season. Brodeur, the 6th overall player selected during the FP draft, has been a mainstay of the Great Whites ever since. He has repeatedly outscored other, flashier, FPs but the consistancy and high level of performance makes him, hands down, the greatest FP in FunHL history. Brodeur is part of a tradition of excellent goaltending for the Great Whites that goes back to the league's first season when the franchise selected Patrick Roy with their first selection. Given his current high level of production and given that he shows no sign of slowing down, I predict that the Great Whites will continue to enjoy several more seasons of elite netminding in the years to come. Congrats Dan - nice pick!

Here are the unofficial stats as of last night: