Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Highlanders Look To Win It All This Season

Shamelessly reprinted from the FunHL Blog.

Last season the all-powerful predictive power of the Hockey Pool magazines correctly presaged that the Personal Vendetta would hoist the Predator Cup - (Well McKeen's predicted a Vendetta win while the Score predicted the Scourge and the Hockey News predicted the Edge?!) - so who now can doubt the uncanny powers of the Mystic Order of Hockey Pool Sages...

While there may have been confusion and doubt in last season's predictions this year the Hockey Gods foretell but one outcome and one race - the Highlanders will win a narrow victory over the Bladerunners, reprising their most recent win in 2007. The Herbivore will go to the Lost Boys (according to both the Hockey News and McKeen's) or the Wolves (according to the Score).

The table is based on the consensus of the predicted rankings according to three usual guide magazines: the Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide, the Score Sports Forcaster and McKeen's Pool Guide. The individual predictions do not include any accomodation for tough guys, +/- players, injuries, astute coaching decisions, expert trading of players, prospects or draft picks or even (in the case of McKeen's, who are now alone in not providing these) goaltending stats. It does assume that you will use the highest predicted pointing line-up based on each guide's point predictions as of draft day.

Please package my Predator Cup in the double-strength bubble-wrap that I usually wrap Sidney Crosby in every night and ship same to the City of Champions c/o Not Worth The Paper They Are Written On Enterprises, corner of Vanity Way and Ego Lane.

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